GLLAMM wrappers

A gllamm wrapper is a program that makes it easy to estimate a specific type of model using gllamm. The wrapper interprets a simple syntax, prepares the data for gllamm, calls gllamm and produces tailor-made output.

  • cme: Generalized linear models with covariate measurement error
  • ssm: Endogenous switching and sample selection models for binary, count, and ordinal variables
  • raschtest: Rasch model -- the program estimates the model and produces a large number of fit statistics and graphs
  • mmsrm: Multidimensional marginally sufficient Rasch model
  • midas: Meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy studies
  • metandi: Meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy studies
  • metagen: Meta-analysis of case-control genetic association studies
  • ci_marg_mu: Confidence intervals for predicted expectations in models estimated using gllamm