Installing the GLLAMM programs

The programs gllamm, gllapred and gllasim work in Stata 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 (Intercooled, SE, and MP) but are fastest from Stata 8. gllamm is even faster using Stata/MP which runs in parallel on multiple processors. Stata can be obtained from Stata Corporation.

Thanks to Kit Baum, gllamm, gllapred and gllasim are available from the Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive. The easiest way of installing the current version of all three programs (if you have 'netaware' Stata 7 or 8) is therefore to use the ssc commands from within Stata (see help ssc):

   . ssc describe gllamm
   . ssc install gllamm
   . ssc install gllamm, replace /* to replace previous version */

For information on other ways of downloading programs from the SSC, see this link.

Similarly, the files can be downloaded from within Stata using

   . net from http://www.gllamm.org
   . net describe gllamm
   . net install gllamm
   . net install gllamm, replace /* to replace previous version */

Another possibility is to store the files gllamm.ado , gllam_ll.ado, remcor.ado, gllarob.ado, gllamm.hlp, gllapred.ado gllapred.hlp gllasim.ado gllas_yu.ado gllasim.hlp in the directory where personal ado-files are stored (e.g. c:\ado\stbplus) or to store them in any other directory and issue the following command before using gllamm:
adopath + dirname
Before running gllamm, it is best to check that you are using the correct files, since old versions may still be in your adopath:

. which gllamm
*! version 2.3.20 SRH 7 Sept 2011

. which remcor
*! version 2.0.3 SRH 1 June 2003

. which gllam_ll
*! version 2.2.21 SRH 7 Sept 2011

. which gllapred
*! version 2.3.8 SRH 7 Sept 2011

. which gllas_yu
*! version 1.0.4 SRH 12 September 2003

. which gllarob
*! version 2.2.5 SRH 7 Sept 2011

. which gllasim
*! version 1.0.6 SRH 1 June 2003

Please let Sophia Rabe-Hesketh know if you find any bugs.