Multilevel Models for British Election Panel Data


bes.dat (ASCII, tab delimited, variable names)

For each voting occasion there are three rows of data, one for each of the three parties.

occvoting occasion
serialnovoter identifier
yearyear of election
constitidentifier for constituency
wt14weighting variable (not used)
male[Male] dummy for voter being male
age87voter's age in 1987
manual[Manual] dummy for father a manual worker
fvparty voted for (1=Conservative, 2=Labour, 3=Liberal)
rightposition of voter on left-right dimension
price[Inflation] perceived inflation since last elections
rlposition of party on left-right dimension
partypolitical party (1=Conservative, 2=Labour, 3=Liberal)
rankrank assigned to the party
age[Age] age at time of election divided by 10

Some Stata commands

* read data
insheet using bes.dat, clear

* do-file available: bes.do


We would like to thank Anthony Heath for allowing us to make the data available.


British Election Panel 1987-1992 from the UK Data Archive.


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